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Bachelor of Geotechnology and Mining

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Bachelor of Geotechnology and Mining

It is very likely you haven’t heard much about this tiny little country before, let alone thought about studying a Bachelor or a Master degree there. Slovenia is a small European country in the heart of Europe, situated between the Adriatic Sea, Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. Slovenia has its own unique beauty and things that make you fall in love with it easily.

  • Breath-taking landscapes in the heart of Europe and great connections with other European countries
  • Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs delivered in English language
  • Affordable tuition fees and government subsidised culinary meals for students

You can find great study options in English and because there are smaller groups of foreign students, you will get more individual time from professors and teaching assistants. Higher education studies are organised by both public (University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor, University of Primorska) and private universities (University of Nova Gorica), and other higher education institutions, namely at faculties, art academies, and higher vocational colleges. Universities, faculties, and art academies provide study programmes at all levels: bachelor, master and doctoral (PhD) level.

Though Slovenia has only existed as in independent country since 1991, it has a rich cultural past and present. The government provides significant funding for culture, and cultural events such as music, dance, literature, visual arts, film and theatre performances, are well-attended, and are often subsidised or even free. Food is a vital part of a country’s culture. For such a small country Slovenia has an amazing 24 gastronomic regions, comprising over 170 distinguishable dishes. Each region has its own specialities and these are influenced by the neighbouring countries of Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia, making for a very diverse range of tastes and flavours. The biggest benefit of being a student in Slovenia are the heavily subsidised meals available in a wide range of restaurants across Slovenia. A special coupon system for student subsidised meals ensures that you will always eat well for a reasonable price.

Course Name:
Bachelor of Geotechnology and Mining
University of Ljubljana
Course Duration:
3 years
Intake Dates:
October 2019 or 2020
Course Cost:
$6400 per year

Slovenia’s small size means that it’s perfectly possible to ski or hike in the mountains in the morning and sunbathe at the coast in the afternoon. Positioned in the heart of Europe makes it really easy to reach any of the four countries which have borders with Slovenia; Croatia, Austria, Italy and Hungary. Therefore, there are endless possibilities for travelling both within, and outside of, Slovenia.

Slovene student organisations are very active and always ready to help you organise your life and get your social network started. They organise welcome or orientation weeks to help international students get to know each other and settle in. They also organise many sports and cultural events, parties and trips. Also you will have no problem having nice conversations with people in English. Also, people are very open and kind, willing to help you when they can.

Why study in Slovenia:

  • Quality of education
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • Get a degree and life experience
  • Learn another language and culture
  • European study environment and knowledge
  • Low cost of living and subsidised meals for students

Slovenia in brief:

  • Member of European Union since 2004
  • 47km of coastline and 20,273 km2 of land area
  • Slovenia has three distinct climate zones; Alpine in the mountainous region, Continental in the northeast lowlands and sub-Mediterranean in the coastal region
  • Slovenia is independent since 1991 and one of youngest countries on the planet
  • Slovenia’s small size means that it’s perfectly possible to ski or hike in the mountains in the morning and sunbathe at the coast in the afternoon
  • From capital city Ljubljana is only 250km to Venice, 380km to Vienna and 400km to Oktoberfest in München

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