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About Us

We are an organisation dedicated to the advisory of study overseas, career development and relocation to Australia and few other countries. With over 15 years of international experience, our team of professionals guides through a process of selection of future study, plan your career or just help with organising a lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Expect to get personalised advice on best study options locally and in many overseas countries where we currently work with schools offering short and long term lifestyle courses or formally recognised study programs leading to official qualification.

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Study Planet Services

Study Planet also offers a range of Visa and settlement services

We provide you the opportunity to grow, develop and learn worldwide. And our safe customer-focused service ensures you have genuine and realistic up-to-date information about courses, relocation processes and lifestyle options. From helping you choose your study pathway right through to seeing you settled and experiencing life abroad, Study Planet walks you step by step through the process to becoming a more inspirational and confident person.


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